Keep looking up!

Friends, let’s not let the instances of evil and ugliness going on distract us from all the good, joy and kindness that’s going on too. Noteworthy that tons of hard working, servant hearted people will get up early tomorrow morning to go make sacrifices for the good of people they love. Schools will be buzzing with kids tomorrow and they’ll be met by teachers wanting make a difference in their lives. Friendships are forming and growing deeper. Families—moms, dads, and kids continuing to draw close make memories and form unbreakable bonds. There’s still people happy for each other’s good fortune and even able to cry with each other when the need arises. People still telling each other “i love you” and mean it. There’s also times with God in worship and prayer and in His word. Lots of little, but glorious things going on too—hugs, smiles, laughter, sunrises and sunsets, coffee, ice cream, and a good dog.
Bottom line is, a very good and gracious God keeps showing himself in a myriad of amazing ways. But we gotta be looking, looking up.


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