Strength in weakness…

“I’m learning we can handle a lot more than I think we can.”

My bride Casey text me that earlier this week and it’s been in my head ever since. She’s right. We’re spread pretty thin, out on the edge of our capacity, relying on God and seeking Him hour to hour, day to day…and we don’t want to be anywhere else.

There’s a measure of God that you can’t experience in the easier less hectic seasons of life. Being comfortable and having a sense of strength and control of life has it’s allure, but the Word tells us that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness (2Cor 12). His power is many times experienced on the other side of what we think we can accomplish in and of ourselves.

I read a lot/hear a lot about self care, me time, balance, etc and I understand and know all that has it’s place and time, but there can be a special kind of frustration that comes with constantly evaluating whether or not things are going as well as they should be. Crazy as it sounds living for yourself and always trying to be comfortable is downright exhausting! And, there’s a freedom in pouring yourself out for what you believe in, and what you know God wants you to do. There’s satisfaction in going to bed each night with your body exhausted and your heart full. And it’s in those times we get to say “I’m learning we can handle a lot more than I think we can.” Which, for us, is really just a way of saying “Jesus Christ is bigger than I realized.” I hope we get to keep on saying that, right on into Glory, where we can say it when we see Him face to face, and hear Him say “Well done.”

🙏🏼 ✝️ #LiveForMore

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