Helpful Bible References…

As part of a lesson I have done a few times over Psalm 119, I’ve shared several Bible verse references that I’ve found helpful for different situations. A couple times I’ve had someone ask me to share that list afterwards. I figure if they found it helpful maybe some of y’all will too. It’s obviously not exhaustive or perfect. I honestly just wrote these down to use as an example. I love the Bible and if this helps someone better navigate it then see below:


Psalm 119:12 says “Blessed are you, O LORD; teach me your statutes!” A statute is a decree from God. It is the way the divine lawgiver has seen fit for things to be. Notice the author of Psalm 119 is asking for the Lord to TEACH him his STATUTES. In effect, he’s asking God to instruct him on the way things are supposed to be. We should follow his example and ask God to teach us his statutes. The Bible has a lifetime of life-shaping learning for us. It answers the BIG questions of life. Like, who am I? Why am I here? What is wrong with the world? And what can be done about it?

Mainly, and most importantly, we find in the Bible, the story of Redemption that is found only in Christ Jesus and his finished work on the cross for our sins, giving us eternal life by faith in Him. That’s the meta narrative. And you can find the thread of Jesus’s story of redemption running from Genesis to Revelation. As the kid’s ‘Jesus Storybook Bible’ says “Every story whispers his name.” The Bible is all about Jesus.

But also in the Bible we find out how life works and how God interacts with his people. How God would have you to respond in different situations. Here’s some Bible references that I go to for different situations:

James 3 teaches you the importance of what you say and the words that you use

1 Cor 13 – shows me what real love looks like

Proverbs 6 would tell me not to be lazy

When I wonder if my life is in line with Jesus teaching I think of Matthew ch’s 5-7

When I think of death I think of John 14 and 2 Tim 4

When I want for things I know I dont need I can think of Matthew 6

When I’m tempted to forget what’s most important I can think of Romans 1:16

When I feel like my life isnt producing what it should I think of John 15

When I wonder if I am the only one facing this level of temptation, I think of 1Cor 10:13

When I think I just can’t take another thing I think of Philippians 4

When I think i’m suffering I think of Job

When I feel afraid I think of Psalm 23

When I doubt my salvation I think of 1 John 5:11-12

When I look at how much fun it seems the word is having in sin I think of Psalm 16:11

When I think of how I can share the good news of Jesus Christ I think of Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9, Romans 12:1-2

When I start to think it’s not worth it I can think of 1Cor 2:9

When I start thinking kids are a burden and not a blessing I think of Psalm 127

When I want a picture of the way a mans life ought to be i look at Psalm 128

When I think of the tip of theological significance, I think of Romans 3:21-26

When I want to say I can’t do it bc I lack ability I think of Moses

When I lack courage I think of Joshua 1

When I wanna run from my calling I think of Jonah

When I wanna shoot off at the mouth too quick I think of Peter

When I feel alone and betrayed I think of Joseph ch 37-39

When I want a heart for God I think of David and 1 Samuel

When I think of marriage I think Eph 5

I know theres a ton more, but these are some examples of places in the Bible that I go to often, in my Bible and also in my head and heart.

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