The value of commitment has fallen on hard times. Feelings and novelty often rule the day. We reason, if I’m not feeling settled and satisfied, I must need to move on to something new. Wrong 😑 Most of the time we don’t need something new. We just need to re-up our commitment to what we already have.

It’s amazing how resolved commitment can change our perspective. If I know I’m committed to something, why bellyache about it, doubt it, or be casual about the energy I give it? Commitment informs attitude. Attitude informs effort. If we’re being honest, commitment, attitude and effort are about the only things we have any control over.

Ultimately we commit to our relationships and responsibilities knowing they’re from the Lord! He has us where we are, doing what we’re doing, sharing life with the people he’s placed us with, for a reason. Who are we to critique His providence or take it for granted.

It’s Monday 11/1/21. It’s a great day for renewed COMMITMENT.

•Make a COMMITMENT to care for your spouse sacrificially
•Make a COMMITMENT to parent your kids with love and intentionality
•Make a COMMITMENT to your place of employment, to do your job with excellence
•Make a COMMITMENT to serve your community however you can
•Make a COMMITMENT to do the right thing, even if no one else does or no one else sees it.

Make all of these commitments (and more) under the banner of the most important commitment of all:

Make a COMMITMENT to honor God by loving Him and loving others (Matthew 22:37-39)

#commitment #reup

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