In need of grace

Peter denied even knowing Jesus, 3 X’s

Zacchaeus the crook tax collector

Saul/Paul the persecutor

The woman at the well

Moses the murderer

The prodigal son

The list goes on and on. And then there’s the name I’m most familiar with, Roy Layman. All of us, sinners in need of grace and a path forward. We could’ve, and by many standards should’ve, been written off as worthless. But we weren’t. Because God is full of love. And Jesus made the way. And we got to be used for God’s glory. He’s not embarrassed of us or wishing He had a better team. He calls us son/daughter and we call Him Father.

Us redeemed losers also serve as proof that God loves everyone and can use anyone. Knowing that ought compel us to never give up on anyone. Not because we believe in people, people let us down. But because we believe in God, He never fails.

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