Our little towns are growing…

Lots of conversations about how Gunter and surrounding communities are growing. How should small town people respond to lots of growth? What should our attitude be?

I’ve lived in little towns in Grayson County pretty much my whole life. I remember when all the water towers had fresh paint and Melissa was just a beer store. Sounds funny to many, but I like waving at people on the road and having them wave (or nod) back. I enjoy knowing most people by name, hearing coyotes at night and shotguns on opening day of dove season. I like most people chipping in to help and getting to know who you’re working beside. Heck, I even enjoy getting stuck behind a tractor on the road! It’s just what I know and have come to love.

So when I hear Gunter’s the next Prosper or Celina’s the next Frisco, or whatever the comparison, I have mixed feelings. But I keep having this one command from the Bible come to mind that seems especially applicable “welcome one another as Christ welcomed you.” (Rom 15:7)

Seems pretty clear how God wants me to respond to new people, He wants me to be welcoming. And not just welcoming, welcoming like He’s welcomed me! Christ met me right where I was, loved and helped me beyond measure. His welcome to me has never been anything but warm and encouraging. Seems only reasonable that I’d strive to do that for others.

The fact is, despite all the talk, we’ve got a looong way to go before we’re anything close to a big city But if it’s 1 new neighborhood or 50 new developments, doesn’t matter.

Faithfulness to God’s commands is our role. He’s is in charge. There’s a lot of comfort, encouragement and rest in that!

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